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Our Team

                                                                                               Sarah Janali Sarah Janali, Team Leader Cultural Diversity and Community, City of Stirling

Sarah Janali has an MA in International & Community Development. She has worked in the community development and cultural diversity space for 15 years. For the past 11 years, Sarah has worked with the City of Stirling and currently leads the City’s Cultural Diversity & Community team. In 2015 she received a Churchill Fellowship to conduct overseas research (Canada, US, Europe) into the role local governments are playing in responding to migration and cultural diversity. In 2016 she was awarded the LG Professionals Community Development Network Young Leader award.

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Ashleigh Brand, Project Leader – Kaleidoscope Initiative, City of Stirling

Ashleigh is a highly experienced project manager, facilitator, diversity and leadership trainer and coach.  She is committed to assisting workplaces to become more diverse.  She is also a social change-maker with a passion to help newcomers realise their full potential in Western Australia.

Ashleigh has more than 20 years’ experience working in communications, change management, organisational development, policy and technology.  She also has more than eight years’ experience running her own business, consulting and project managing.  She is an accredited coach and has skills and experience in leadership development, human resources, project management, business process improvement and policy development.

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Nirmal Singh, Project Officer – Kaleidoscope Initiative, City of Stirling

Nirmal is an experienced management professional with extensive exposure in Civil Engineering, Compliance Management and Contract Management.

Nirmal has a Master’s degree in Project Management from Curtin University and Bachelor of Engineering from Delhi Technological University.


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Cema Santos, Mentoring Coach, Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre

Cema believes in giving back and making a difference in people’s life. She is the founder of My Mind Master and Immigrant Business Networking Association which are all about giving back to the community and helping others to be successful in their personal lives and businesses.

Her mission is to provide the best cross-cultural emotional support and business education to multicultural individuals seeking to establish themselves in their new land.

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Rebecca Hall, Acting Leader Community Connections & Learning

Rebecca is a highly motivated Community Development practitioner specialising in cultural diversity and inclusion as well as strategic Community Development. She has a passion for elevating the profile of Community Development practitioners and promoting the professional principles of Community Development, particularly in terms of consultation and evaluation.

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Sonja Porter, Volunteer, City of Stirling

Sonja is a dedicated social professional seeking to increase education, awareness, services and equality to people within marginalised sectors of the community. She is interested in being involved with migrants (in particular migrant women and youth), Aboriginal women and youth, the LGBTI+ communities and older people/seniors (women).

As a qualitative researcher, she has conducted in-depth interviewing, ethnography, narrative methodologies, life writing, creative non-fiction techniques, and visual ethnography using photography.   She is also interested in exploring the value of narratives and stories and how this can create awareness and influence change. She is also looking for ways to bring social change by telling other migrants’ stories or assisting them to tell their own stories.

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