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Asian Business Council Inaugural Event and the Celebration of African Day

The Kaleidoscope Team works with many community and professional groups to coordinate strategies to assist with newcomer employment. We are continually expanding the professional associations, business partners and community groups we work with. If you are interested in joining Kaleidoscope as a partner, accessing our online tools and expanding employment opportunities for all newcomers then please contact us


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The Power of Networking – Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) Program

A diverse professional network can help newcomers access meaningful employment in their field of expertise. But how do they find your professional network? How does networking help you find employment?  Our Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) Program is here to help connect you to meet other professional people, facilitate networking with Professional Immigrant Associations and achieve better employment outcomes.


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The meandering journey to your professional peak, Eva Mwakichako

Over the last 15 years, Eva Mwakichako has made the most of every opportunity in Australia.

Eva changed career paths many times, adding new skills to her already impressive resume. Finally, her persistence paid off and she found her dream job which utilised the skills she had acquired along the way.

Being flexible and enjoying every step of a meandering career path was my approach


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Kaleidoscope’s Cultural Diversity Training a success

Kaleidoscope Initiative (KI) hosted their first Cultural Diversity Training workshop in May. Attendees came from organisations ranging across the greater City of Perth region and including not for profits, schools and universities, and migrant-oriented services. The people attending had diverse cultural backgrounds, which made for an engaging training session.


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atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

A skilled refugee on the atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

Magd Nana, a civil engineer and refugee from Syria, was one of the first people to register for the Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees (CPP) with atWork Australia in Perth.

Since his arrival in Australia around 18 months ago, Magd faced many challenges in finding employment in his area of expertise. The main obstacle was his lack of Australian work experience. (more…)

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A Job Plan directed Nirmal on the path to success

Nirmal Singh migrated to Australia from India three years ago on a skilled migrant visa. He already had a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and some work experience. But when he arrived he found it difficult to find a job as he didn’t have an Australian qualification or work experience. (more…)

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Harmony Week brings light to solutions for skilled migrant employment

The Kaleidoscope Initiative team delivered a successful series of varied events for Harmony Week, which ran from 15 to 21 March 2018.

The program of events catered to a wide variety of audiences from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors; professional immigrant networks and newcomers; business leaders and those who are interested in harnessing the benefits of a diverse workforce.


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The KALEIDOSCOPE Initiative is all about harnessing the economic benefits of migration by supporting newcomers to obtain employment in their field of expertise and building the capacity of employers to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce.
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