The Power of Networking – Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) Program

The Power of Networking – Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) Program

A diverse professional network can help newcomers access meaningful employment in their field of expertise. But how do they find your professional network? How does networking help you find employment?  Our Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) Program is here to help connect you to meet other professional people, facilitate networking with Professional Immigrant Associations and achieve better employment outcomes.

Being part of a professional network, whether through your cultural organisation, your friends or Professional Immigrant Associations has many benefits for your employment opportunities here in Australia.

Professional contacts in your field of work can lead to internships, mentoring and provide resourceful connections, job tips. Not all professional jobs are advertised through mainstream channels, professional networks may inform you of jobs you were not aware of.newcomers event

Professional Networks help you learn from other’s experiences and insights into professional realms in your new country. These networks can help keep you in touch with the latest employment trends and job opportunities, teach you how to succeed in getting a job and what to talk about in the lunch room!

The KIN Program aims to bring these benefits to you, through KIN networking events, workshops, training and online tools. The KIN program aims to assist your cultural organisations morph into professional networks, through;


  • Capacity building of your leadership;
  • Assisting your members become job ready;
  • Helping facilitate better employment outcomes for your membership.

The KIN program aims to play a role in facilitating interaction and networking opportunities between professional networks. It also aims to assist these relationships to achieve Better Employment Outcomes for organisations’ members. KIN plans to achieve this through;


  • Sharing employment-related resources, training
  • Referrals to service providers
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Sharing opportunities (volunteering, internship).

Join the KIN Initiative today by connecting to your Cultural Organisation for greater employment opportunities and evolve into a Professional Immigrant Association. Watch our website for the next KIN workshop or contact Nirmal to talk about your next step to professional networking.

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