Migrant women job readiness workshop helps Miley secure fulfilling employment

Migrant women job readiness workshop helps Miley secure fulfilling employment

Not only am I in the industry I wanted to get into, I work close to home and am able to manage my young family.” Miley Nguyen

Three years ago, Miley Nguyen, a civil engineer from Vietnam, left her career in the Oil and Gas industry and migrated to Perth in the hope for a better life for her young family. Upon settling into her new life here, she applied for work and got hired as a dealer in Burswood Casino working flexi hours. She managed to sustain this work environment for two years, until the late hours made it too challenging to manage her young family and something inside pushed her to go out of her comfort zone and discover what she really wanted to do.

Miley then started volunteering with various organisations, hoping to gain an understanding of the Australian work culture, gain practical experience and increase her employability skills.  This led to a role as a Cultural Ambassador for EDAC and Multicultural Futures. Miley, who is fluent in Vietnamese, delivered information sessions on the NDIS, Mental Health, COVID vaccination and state electoral process to her community. Her time spent helping her community gain access to these crucial services, led to a shift in her career plan from the oil and gas industry to wanting to work in the community services sector . She applied for several jobs in this sector but did not progress past the interview stage.

In June 2021, when attending a Cultural Ambassador workshop in Canning, Miley heard about the Kaleidoscope Job Readiness Workshop for migrant women. This is a program funded by Lotterywest, in partnership with the City of Canning, the City of Stirling and the City of Swan, focused on reducing barriers to employment for migrant women in WA. Miley decided to sign up for the 5-day workshop.

Two weeks after completing the workshop Miley landed herself a full-time permanent role at NDIS as a client engagement officer!

In her feedback to us, Miley explained how the mock interviews increased her confidence, as she was trained to better pitch her strengths and skills to prospective employers. The mental health and well-being sessions gave her tips on how to develop personal goals which helped Miley to have a more focused career approach, and in turn, a more targeted job search. Miley felt the trainers were very thorough and provided clear guidelines and examples to create cover letters and resumes that were not only localised but effectively structured. Miley also stated that the workshop sessions were filled with lots of fun, laughter, and enthusiasm, which helped everyone feel safe and comfortable to communicate freely, making it a conducive learning environment for all.  Miley said she left the training session feeling less isolated as she now has access to a support system through the trainers and fellow trainees who still stay connected via WhatsApp and LinkedIn.

The Kaleidoscope team and its delivery partners were delighted to hear that Miley felt the Migrant Women Job Readiness Workshop has contributed to employment success and we thank her for her feedback and for sharing her story with us.

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