Is your organisation looking at ways it can enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Become an employer partner with Kaleidoscope.

Employer Partners

Employer Partners are organisations, large or small, who are supporting our Kaleidoscope Initiative and Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program help change the lives of newcomer (migrants and refugees) professionals building a stronger, diverse and inclusive workforce in Australia.

What are the benefits

Partnering in Kaleidoscope Mentoring Partnership can help your organisation:

  • Build stronger, more diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Enhance your leadership and cultural-competency training for high-potential staff members.
  • Help your staff gain mentoring experience.
  • Find new and diverse sources of talent from our growing KMP mentees.
  • Achieve your community engagement, diversity and inclusion objectives.
  • Build your brand as a good corporate citizen.

Support for partners

As a partner in Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program, you will have access to:

  • Marketing material to help you promote the program, both internally and externally.
  • Your logo on the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Partnership website.
  • Free cultural competency training for all your employees.
  • The opportunity to share your employer success story through our channels.
  • Free information session for potential mentors at your workplace conducted by KMP staff.
  • Networking opportunity with other Partners to exchange ideas and experiences

Our Employer Partners

Become an employer partner and you join a community of organisations, including …

Employers supporting our Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program

Like these organisations, you too can experience KMP benefits by nominating your employees as KMP mentors.

Become an Employer Partner – Express your Interest

We invite organisations who wish to participate in our Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program as an Employer Partners.  If you would like to learn more about becoming an employer partner, please complete the form below.

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