Become a mentee and get matched with a mentor in your industry

Become a mentee and get matched with a mentor in your industry
Are you a highly-skilled and newcomer professional looking for work in Western Australia in your industry? Are you actively seeking work in your qualification field? Do you have all the core skills required to work in your field? Are you able to to commit to working with a mentor for 18 hours over 3 months?

If you answered yes, then the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program is for you!

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What is the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program?

This program helps highly skilled newcomer (migrants and refugees) professionals to reconnect with their careers in Western Australia (WA). Newcomers bring talent, innovation and international expertise with them but we know you need a mentor’s support, insight and networks to succeed in WA.

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Mentee Eligibility
To be connected with a mentor, you will need to:

  • be legally entitled to work in Australia (permanent work rights)
  • have lived in Australia for five years or less
  • have appropriate English language proficiency to perform effectively in the workplace in your field. Managers/professionals need IELTS Band 7 or equivalent. Technical/non-client facing roles need IELTS Band 6 or equivalent. For more information, visit Department Home Affairs
  • have a minimum post-secondary education equivalent to a diploma or degree
  • have a minimum of two years of international work experience in their profession
  • have limited or no Australian work experience in your profession. (Limited Australian experience means that you would have worked for less than a year in your profession/industry.)
  • be currently unemployed or underemployed (i.e. not working in your field of expertise)
  • have obtained a National Police Clearance Certificate within the past six months. If you do not have a police clearance, the City of Stirling will apply for one on your behalf (at no cost to you).

Mentee Suitability
As a highly skilled and professional newcomer, you will need to:

  • be actively seeking work in your qualification field
  • have current core skills required to work in your field
  • be able to commit to working with a mentor for 18 hours over three months.

Mentee Readiness
To show employment readiness, you will need to show that you have:

  • job search skills: a job-search-ready resume, interview skills and basic networking skills
  • appropriate supports: e.g. transportation, childcare or other supports required to secure suitable employment
  • appropriate attitude: openness to act on constructive advice and willingness to try new approaches to job searching.

Application progress

Please have the following documents ready to upload:

  1. Your updated resume/ CV
  2. A National Police Clearance certificate obtained within the last 6 months. (If you do not have one we will obtain one for you at no cost to you.)
  3. Certificate of English proficiency (if you have this).
  4. Your Australian Visa/Passport/Citizenship Certificate

Apply now to become a mentee

Applications close 25 November 2018.

Important dates

1 Nov 2018: Applications Open
25 Nov 2018: Applications Close
31 Dec 2018: Confirm selected mentees against eligibility criteria
31 Jan 2019: Confirm all mentor-mentee match
February 2019: Mentoring partnership commences

  • Orientation briefing 5:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday 13 Feb (to be confirmed)
  • Launch 5:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday 20 Feb (to be confirmed)

Have questions?

Start with our Frequently Asked Questions for Mentee section.  

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