Migrant Women Job Readiness – Level 2 Advanced

A job readiness workshop series for migrant women has been designed to improve the employability skills of migrant women across Western Australia affected by COVID-19 and to boost their employability.

The workshop will run over five days, during school hours from 9.00am to 2.30pm.

Workshop topics

Eligibility criteria

To partake in the series, you must:

1. Be a migrant woman

2. Have vocational English language proficiency to perform effectively in the workplace of your field (level 3 certificate or higher)

3. Commit to attend all five workshops.

To be eligible for Level 2 – Job Readiness Advanced you must also:

1. Either be transitioning to a new job or career or reconnecting to your career after a career break

2. Have work experience.

atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

A skilled refugee on the atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

Magd Nana, a civil engineer and refugee from Syria, was one of the first people to register for the Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees (CPP) with atWork Australia in Perth.

Since his arrival in Australia around 18 months ago, Magd faced many challenges in finding employment in his area of expertise. The main obstacle was his lack of Australian work experience. (more…)