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Wednesday 3 August 2022

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We continuously recruit mentors whom we match with mentees in our upcoming mentee intake. Our next Mentee intake for Cycle 2 – 2022 will open on 18 July 2022 and the mentoring program will commence in late August 2022.  If you would like to apply to be a KMP mentor click the button below.

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What will your organisation commit to learning about inclusion this year?

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) states, “Now more than ever, learning about inclusion and building your intercultural competencies should be a part of learning and development plans, at the individual, team and organizational level.” The Diversity Council Australia (DCA) reports that, “Australian organisations have been missing out on important business opportunities by failing to effectively measure the degree and breadth of culturally diverse talent in their leadership team, workforce, customer base, and labour market pool.”

If you’re keen to commit to learning about inclusion this year, the below resources from DCA and TRIEC will get you off to a great start!

The Diversity Council Australia and the University of Sydney Business School has developed a standardised approach for defining, measuring, and reporting on workforce cultural diversity in a respectful, accurate and inclusive way. *Counting Culture: Towards A Standardised Approach to Measuring and Reporting on Workforce Cultural Diversity in Australia, guides businesses through how best to count cultural background, language, religion – and even global experience – for maximum organisational benefit. The full article and research paper is available here.

TRIEC has developed two new resources the Inclusive Workplace Competencies Framework and the Inclusive Practices Index to help organisations evaluate and assess where they sit on their inclusion journey and to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding about inclusion. More information about these resources is available here.

TRIEC is an industry leader addressing the persistent problem of immigrant underemployment. Kaleidoscope’s Mentoring Program has been developed in collaboration with TRIEC and they continue to be an important learning resource and role model for us.

Citation: *Diversity Council Australia/University of Sydney Business School (R. D’Almada- Remedios, D. Groutsis, A. Kaabel, and J. O’Leary) Counting Culture: Towards a Standardised Approach to Measuring and Reporting on Workforce Cultural Diversity in Australia, Sydney, Diversity Council Australia, 2021.