Unlocking migrant and refugee potential – Mosayeb Khademi

Unlocking migrant and refugee potential – Mosayeb Khademi

Digital platforms, Refugee and Migrant Talent, connect skilled migrants and refugees with companies offering short and long-term job opportunities. Established in 2016 by social entrepreneurs Niary Dacho and Anna Robson, they have recently expanded into WA, offering businesses the opportunity to tap into their talent pools.
Mosayeb Khademi Z

Mosayeb Khademi is the recently-appointed WA State Manager for the talent platforms. Mosayeb himself arrived in Australia as a migrant two years ago, and is delighted to have the opportunity to support newcomers through the journey of seeking employment in Australia. Registering on the Refugee and Migrant Talent platforms to find additional employment himself, Mosayeb offered to start up a Perth office and become the WA contact for other migrants, and use his experiences of the challenges facing newcomers.

Mosayeb believes that the personal approach implemented by Refugee and Migrant Talent, in connecting the right person to the right company, has proven to be a success factor. Jobseekers are contacted within two days of registering online to chat about the skills they hold, what sort of jobs they are interested in, and what employment options they would be happy with. Nirary Dacho, the organisation’s founder, is a Syrian refugee, so understanding the challenges they face is deeply entrenched within the organisation.

The interest in Refugee and Migrant Talent has been extensive. After less than two years of operations, over 300 businesses have registered with them, and over 1700 migrants and refugees have registered on the platform. The scope of jobs on offer ranges from very low-skilled through to highly-skilled. This diversity is also reflected in the job candidates registered on the platform.

There is a wealth of employers who are interested in employing migrants and refugees; they often cannot find them so it’s just a matter of connecting them to the newcomers. This is why Refugee and Migrant Talent started. It provides a platform for employers to reach migrants and refugees residing in Australia. The talent pool they draw from is known to be innovative, entrepreneurial and motivated and matching businesses to such skilled workers is great for their bottom line.

Advice to newcomers

Finding fulfilling employment is a critical component of building a new life in a new country. Reflecting on his own experience, Mosayeb states that he capitalised on the employment downturn to improve his skills. He took several technical and business courses, alongside volunteering to gain local work experience with different organisations, where he learnt valuable skills and was mentored by experienced professionals. Tapping into a local, professional network and gaining some experience in the area you want to work in, is a key to success. Mosayeb advises,

 Be committed, patient and keep your eyes on the trends and opportunities.

Newcomers and employers can access the service through registering online : Refugee Talent / Migrant Talent .

If you are a newcomer visit our newcomers page to find out more about services that can support you achieve your career goals.

If you are an employer visit our employers page to learn more about how you can build diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

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