Kaleidoscope Rangoli Project

The Kaleidoscope Rangoli Pilot (Rangoli) is City of Stirling’s effort to understand the barriers faced by secondary visa holders on work/family/bridging visas towards securing employment commensurate with their skills and experience.

Rangoli will investigate the challenges to economic participation through undertaking focus groups and research into the specific needs of this community. Where possible, these challenges and barriers will be addressed through a appropriate job-readiness program to enable the group to participate fully in the successful Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program (KMP).

The project aims to connect with newcomers who have

Phase 1: Focus Group/Interviews – Participant Eligibility

Phase 2: Rangoli Mentoring Program

In Phase two, 10 mentees on secondary visa holders from the City of Stirling were selected to participate in a modified Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program.

The dates of the Mentoring Program are as follows:

30 January 2020 Job Readiness Day 1 Training for mentees
6 February 2020: Job Readiness Day 2 Training for mentee
6 February 2020: KMP 2020 Cycle 1 starts with the Orientation Session
7 May 2020: KMP 2020 Cycle 1 concludes with the Graduation Ceremony

For further information please contact Krishna Karangiya, Rangoli Project OfficerT: 08 9205 8368 | M: 0457 806 153 | E: krishna.karangiya@stirling.wa.gov.au

Rangoli Project is funded by Department of Home Affairs under Fostering Integration Grants.