Kaleidoscope Rangoli Project

The Kaleidoscope Rangoli Pilot (Rangoli) was the City of Stirling’s effort to understand the barriers faced by secondary visa holders on work/family/bridging visas towards securing employment commensurate with their skills and experience.

Rangoli investigated the challenges faced by secondary (partner/family/bridging visa holders) to economic participation through undertaking focus groups and research into the specific needs of this community.

These challenges and barriers were then addressed through the design and delivery of an appropriate job-readiness program to enable the group to participate fully in the successful Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program (KMP) in Jan-May 2020.


The project aimed to connect with newcomers who had:

Phase 1: Literature Review June 2019- September 2019

In this phase, existing secondary data available on the barriers related to secondary-visa holders from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and research papers and reports from various bodies was studied.

Phase 2: Focus Group/Interviews – October 2019- December 2019

In this phase, 24 participants were interviewed from Perth Metropolitan area. Through a series of interviews and focus group data was collected identifying the systemic and personal barriers to employment.

Systemic barriers to employment

Phase 3: Rangoli Mentoring Program – February 2020- June 2020

In Phase three, 10 mentees on secondary visa holders from the City of Stirling were selected to participate in a modified Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program.
The program was modified to include additional training modules for mentees:

Mentors of Rangoli mentees also received additional coaching and served to feedback suggestions for modifying the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program to meet the needs of this cohort.

Findings and recommendations

Settlement period and particularly, employment takes time. There are both institutional and personal barriers that make this process even harder for secondary visa holders.  

Economic participation of secondary visa holders will lead to better integration in Australia. There is a great scope and opportunity for the three spheres of government, various organisations and newcomers to work together to develop innovative solutions to the problems identified by conducting extensive research and offering mentoring program.

Key recommendations were delivered for the individual newcomers, government, community/employment agencies and Kaleidoscope.

Secondary Visa holder newcomers

​A guide has been prepared for the dependent visa holders.


Community Organisations


A research report is due for publication in the later half of 2020 to share these findings in more detail.

Further Information

For further information please contact Krishna Karangiya, Rangoli Project Officer

T: 08 9205 8368 | M: 0457 806 153 | E: krishna.karangiya@stirling.wa.gov.au

Rangoli Project was funded by the Department of Home Affairs under Fostering Integration Grants.