Migrant Employment Stories

Migrant Employment Stories is a collaborative initiative project between MercyCare, RootsTV, and the Kaleidoscope Initiative at the City of Stirling.

This project seeks to enhance employment outcomes for newcomers and assist employers to appreciate the benefits of employee diversity in an organisation.


Four short films have been produced that showcase the employment journey that newcomers undertake. The stories highlight the challenges, successes and strategies used by newcomers (migrants and refugees) to adapt to a new cultural setting here in Western Australia.

Sharing individual journeys showcases the strategies used by newcomers to navigate opportunities to new employment pathways and offers insights into how they adapted to new employment settings and culture.

The videos will help assist newcomers to understand the challenges, opportunities and expectations they may face when embarking on their employment journey in Western Australia.


Two of the short films depict employers’ perspectives of employing a culturally diverse workforce and the benefits this brings to the workplace.  The needs of employers relating to newcomers’  job readiness and the expectations employers have for their workforce are discussed in the films.

The aim is to increase employers’ cultural competency by highlighting the journey newcomers have to find employment. Telling stories from the perspective of employers and employees will increase understanding of the challenges newcomers face and the skills they have to offer.


This project has provided the opportunity to engage and build the skills of at-risk young people in film and media development and production. Filming was completed by RootsTV.

MercyCare ran two employability workshops for the young participants and other youth from a CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) background, to build confidence and skills in applying for work.

Project Partners

The Mercycare Career Centre in Mirrabooka is a specialist service that assists people from a CaLD background make informed educational, training, and work choices.

RootsTV is a community organisation providing training for young people in digital media and a platform for community groups to connect with each other.

The KALEIDOSCOPE Initiative, at the City of Stirling is all about harnessing the economic benefits of migration by supporting newcomers to obtain employment in their field of expertise and building the capacity of employers to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce.

The project is funded by the Scanlon Foundation and the Western Australian Government Local Projects, Local Jobs program.



The Migrant Employment Stories Project is a partnership between MercyCare, RootsTV, the Kaleidoscope Initiative and City of Stirling.  The project is funded by the Scanlon Foundation and the Western Australian Government Local Projects, Local Jobs program.