Services that can help you

There are a growing number of services that may assist you with your job search

Job Active

If you’re a job seeker and you are receiving Centrelink benefits, you may be referred to a Job Active provider. Your Job Active provider will meet with you to develop a job plan. They can also connect you to more help including training opportunities.

Job Shop

The City of Stirling, Mirrabooka and Osborne Libraries host a volunteer-run Job Shop service. Job Shop volunteers can help to review your job application and develop your job search skills. Free appointments are available on Monday and Wednesday for City of Stirling residents. Contact reception at Osborne Community Centre on (08) 9205 7940 to book an appointment. You must have an appointment to access this service.

MercyCare Jobs & Skills Centre

The Job and Skills Centre is designed to assist people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) background at any point throughout their life to make educational, training and work choices.  The Job and Skills Centre provides information on training and opportunities to use skills or learn new or additional skills. The aim is to help people realistically manage career choices in the local labour market.


Careers Pathways pilot for refugees – atWork Australia

The Career Pathways pilot is a new initiative to help newly-arrived humanitarian entrants to use their professional or trade skills and qualifications in Australia.

Newcomers who arrived in Australia under the Humanitarian Program, have lived here for five years or less and speak English well, can see a Career Pathway advisor to:

  • Plan a career in Australia
  • Find out how to use existing skills in the Australian workforce and how to get recognition of existing qualifications
  • Find employment opportunities and training to improve existing skills or retrain in something new
  • Achieve career goals.