Gain Australian workplace exposure

Internships, work experience, volunteering and increasing your networks. These all help newcomers to understand the Australian workplace culture and increase your employability.

Understanding Australian workplace culture can be a great help when you are looking for work. The best way to do this is by getting exposure to Australian workplaces.

Here’s how

Internship aNewcomers workingnd work experience

If you are currently enrolled in a tertiary course or have recently graduated, you may be eligible for an internship or work experience program.

These programs provide paid and unpaid opportunities to:

  • Get professional work experience,
  • Gain exposure to professional work environments
  • Develop skills.

Discuss the opportunities that are available to you through your education provider.


It is a great way to grow your networks too. Make sure you stay in touch with your work experience or internship colleagues.

Volunteer placement opportunities

Volunteering is a great way of getting workplace exposure.

 Being a volunteer:

  • Provides you with Australian experience
  • Helps you create a professional network and opportunities for mentorship
  • Can turn into your first job in Australia
  • Gives you exposure to the Australian work environment
  • Allows you to meet people outside your own ethnic group
  • Gives you Australian references.

Many employers consider volunteer work to be equally as valuable as paid work experience. The most effective type of volunteering for job-seeking purposes should be relevant to your professional skills.

Check out the links below to find out how you can get involved in volunteering:

The following agencies can help you get volunteering experiences in your field of choice.

Volunteer Hub Coordinator Service area Contact details
Stirling Volunteer Hub Keith Almond City of Stirling | 0429 458 613
Joondalup Volunteer Resource Centre Glenda Gallacher City of Joondalup | 9400 4734
Canning Volunteer Gateway Liz Borrello Southeast Metro (north of Armadale) | 9231 0946