The Square Mirrabooka – Building cultural awareness for increased customer satisfaction

The Square Mirrabooka – Building cultural awareness for increased customer satisfaction

According to recently released census data, 49% of Balga-Mirrabooka residents were born overseas and 38% speak a language other than English at home. This makes it the most diverse region in the City of Stirling.

Happy and laughingAs a major shopping precinct situated in the heart of this thriving multicultural community, The Square Mirrabooka attracts customers from a range of cultural backgrounds. A priority for The Square management is to keep shoppers happy and motivated to stay at The Square for as long as possible. With this in mind, they partnered with the Mirrabooka Social Inclusion Group to offer diversity training to their retailers with the aim of building their capacity to service this diverse customer base.

This cultural competency training was designed to assist with increasing customer satisfaction, outlet sales and the popularity of The Square.

The Square Mirrabooka, Marketing Manager Zaran Oliver explains:

The cultural diversity training provided by The Square creates a greater synergy between our retailers and customers. Our retailers have given positive feedback on the training and have said that their understanding of their diverse clientele has expanded.

The training helps retailers to understand the cultural nuances of our locals and break down negative perceptions about the different nationalities that shop at The Square.

The training also promotes insights into how employing immigrants in retail stores will help to harness the economic benefits they bring to the workplace.

The diversity within the workforce at The Square is starting to reflect customer diversity, which is resulting in better shopper and retail relationships.

Their proactive focus on developing cultural understanding has been recognised by The Square Mirrabooka winning the Property Council of Australia Award and the 2016 WA Multicultural Recognition Award, in the private sector category.

The Square is leading the way in successfully promoting understanding of diversity within its customer base and is keen to develop new strategies to achieve this. The Square Mirrabooka, Marketing Manager Zaran Oliver said:

We are keen to explore other options of building cultural competency such as mentoring newcomers. At The Square, we see the true benefits of mentoring. We know that the future of retail growth lies in developing deeper understanding of our customers. We see that a mentoring program will provide this, as well as supporting newcomers’ understanding of the Australian workplace.

In 2018 the Kaleidoscope Initiative will be piloting the mentor program for newcomers. If you are an employer who wants to get involved contact us via employer page.

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