KMP 2020 Cycle 1

This page contains information about our upcoming mentoring cycle (2020 Cycle 1).

We are pleased to share that Commonwealth Bank, our founding employer partner is sponsoring all the sessions under this mentoring cycle by providing their venues and in-kind support.  Also, many Commonwealth Bank employees will be joining KMP as mentors for this cycle.  This is a great opportunity for newcomer professionals from the banking and related fields to be mentored by professionals from these fields/professions.

KMP 2020 Cycle 1

Kaleidoscope Graduation 14Nov2019

The timeline for the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program’s 2020 Cycle 1 (KMP 2020C1) is as follows:

1 Oct 2019: Mentee application open Completed
3 Nov 2019: Mentee application close Completed
17 Dec 2019: Communicate the matches to the mentors/mentees In Progress
17 Jan 2020: Confirm all mentee/mentor matches
6 Feb 2020: KMP 2020C1 starts with an Orientation Session
19 Mar 2020: Cultural Competency Session
7 May 2020: KMP 2020C1 concludes at a Graduation Session

The full KMP 2020C1 calendar shows all the planned events, sessions, etc for this cycle.

Australian professionals needed

After the completion of the latest recruitment, KMP needs mentors in the following profession:


Other fields:

Become a KMP Mentor

Are you from one of the above professions and interested in helping a newcomer reconnect with their career? Explore the information below and submit your mentor application today.

Apply now to become a mentor

After submitting your application, please book an appointment with our Mentoring Coach (using the link) below to help us understand your mentoring goals.  This will help us make the best mentee match for you.


Information for KMP2020C1 mentees only

If you are a KMP 2020C1 mentee, please use the following links to complete your weekly session logs.  If you have met your mentor multiple times during any one week, please submit a session log for each meeting.

PS: You will need to enter your DEX ID to complete your session log.  You can find your DEX ID in your KMP emails or on your mentee pack.