Job Readiness Workshops

Making sure you are job ready before you apply for Mentoring

Job Readiness Workshops (JRW)

The next Kaleidoscope Job Readiness Workshop will run from 28 to 30 March 2022.

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The Kaleidoscope job readiness workshop series is targeted at skilled newcomer (migrant and refugee) professionals.  These workshops are designed to boost newcomers’ job-readiness and employability by providing tools to seek, secure and maintain professional jobs in Australia.

The following topics are covered in these workshops:

  1. Effective networking skills
  2. Developing a career strategy
  3. Australian workplace culture/contracts
  4. Using LinkedIn for job-search
  5. Resume writing
  6. Cover letter writing
  7. Interview skills

Here is what past attendees are saying about the JRW sessions:

Very good session and gives you a great idea about job searches and creating networking.” Rabar Affrin

Resourceful; I could have done my past interviews better had I completed this session earlier.” Dorji Yangka

The information was very valuable, I have worked in Australian work environment and sometimes for me is difficult to understand why things are done in “X” way.   It is important to undertand and follow the rules in the workplace and also have open mind for everything, just in that way I will be able to feel more comfortable about this.” Diana Mendez.

Very useful and practical tool which benefits us in future job search.” Vivi Yang

These sessions are generally scheduled to start at 9.00 AM and conclude at 2.30 PM on all workshop days so parents with school-going children can also attend. However, some series may be scheduled at an alternate time for operational reasons.

Participants are required to attend all three days of the workshop series to fulfil the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program’s (KMP) mandatory eligibility criteria of being job-ready to become a KMP mentee.

The details of all our job-readiness workshop series will be posted here and on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels for wider circulation.

Migrant Women Job Readiness (MWJR)

If you are a migrant women, we have a series of job readiness workshops designed specifically for women.  Kaleidoscope is currently  delivering free job-readiness workshops for Migrant Women in a face-to-face setting, workshops are held monthly.

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