Mentee and Mentor Feedback Snapshot 2018 to 2020

View some of the feedback from our Mentors and Mentees ranging back from the mentoring program Pilot in 2018.


Mentee: Agnes Mwaura | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Banking | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Kenya

I was exposed to great mentorship that enabled me to adjust my skills, thinking and behaviour to be able to thrive in the Australian environment. From the knowledge acquired I was able to face the job market from a different perspective and the results were immediate. Read more about Agnes’s mentee experiences at


Mentee: Arunima Nair Jairath | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Social Work | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: India

The program gave me everything I was seeking and more. Being a part of the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program was a transformative experience. It taught me practical skills as well as the finer nuances of navigating the job market in Australia. As a relatively new immigrant, I was floundering and trying to get my bearings. Being a part of this program with its unique mentoring system provided me with clarity and direction. For this I will always be grateful.


Mentor: Ati Aziz | Rangoli Cycle 1 2020
Occupation: Marketing and Communications | Employer: TENSA Equipment | Origin: Malaysia

It’s a massive learning experience for both me and my mentee. I came into the partnership with my own plans on how to help my mentee. But, through conversations, I discovered what my mentee needed was completely different from what I set out to offer. We worked on her pain points and she emerged a lot more confident in her own abilities.


Mentee: Aura Zepeda | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: GIS/Environmental Science | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Mexico

I learned a lot about the application process when you look for a job and I realised the mistakes that I was doing. I met people in my field and learned about how people in my field build their careers. The most important thing is that I broke down the fear to apply for jobs and got an interview. I recovered my self confidence, especially to speak out about my skills and my experience in another language.


Mentee: Bala Krishnamurthy | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Banking | Experience:  >21 yrs | Origin:  India

My mentor, Mr. Peiye Truong, was exceptional and provided valuable inputs and training. He was gentle and genuine, offered excellent support and guidance, and always addressed my concerns.


Mentee: Christy Alvarez | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: School/Career Counselling | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Philippines

I realised that I am not alone in my struggles as a new migrant in Australia. It is very encouraging and uplifting to hear the stories of other migrants who are working hard to achieve their goals. The success stories of migrants have inspired me to continue to persevere and never give up. This is one of the most important things that I have gained from being a KMP mentee.

David Hope

Mentor: David Hope | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Occupation: Manager Resource Geology | Employer: South32 | Origin: Australia

This was definitely a great opportunity to improve my mentoring skills, especially with someone who has English as a second language. I think it also got me thinking about my unconscious biases. The mentoring relationship while focusing on the professional aspects also enabled a personal connection. It was from this sharing that I think I learnt the most about myself.Read more about David’s mentoring experiences at KMP Success Stories part 9 .


Mentee: Eva Rivera | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Finance | Experience: >21 yrs | Origin: Mexico

The program is excellent! All the knowledge I learned through the coaches, my mentor and other mentees has been very helpful in order to reach my goal. I increased my knowledge about Australian workplace culture. I met a lot of people who helped me in different ways to reach my goal of securing a job. I felt very blessed to be part of this program.


Mentee: Fadzai Mamvura | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Law | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Zimbabwe

I think [KMP] gives those trying to enter the workforce confidence and much needed industry insights. In some instances you also get job opportunities that you wouldn’t ordinarily hear of and this is due to how your network expands through being a participant in the KMP program.Read more about Fadzai’s mentee experiences at KMP Success Stories – part 8


Mentee: Farzaneh Nafar | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: QA/QC Engineering | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Iran

I had the pleasure of meeting with my mentor, Katryna Douglas, a perfect mentor with lots of experience and success that I’ve been seeking. We had a great time working together and we are still in touch. I highly recommend joining this program.Read more about Farzaneh’s mentee experiences at KM Success Stories part 2


Mentor: Giselle Alliex |KMP  Cycle 2 2019
Occupation: Senior Planning Officer | Employer: City of Stirling | Origin: India

The mentee was well paired with me and I was able to provide him with good advice throughout the process. Accurate pairing is key to success in this program. I made a great connection with my mentee and he broadened my understanding on certain topics and I made a new friend.


Mentee: Gonzolo Ortiz | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Project Engineering (Oil & Gas) | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Argentina

Rob Wylie was a great mentor. He helped me accomplish my goals and I ended up getting a good job. I think Rob being an Australian and Perth local helped me to understand a lot about the local culture. He gave excellent advice and opinions, and is a truly good person.


Mentor: Harini Kusumastuti | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Internal Auditor | Employer: KPMG | Origin: Indonesia

I found that I learned a lot about myself and how to share knowledge and help others feel more confident. I also found new friends and build an extended ‘family’ with these amazing people.


Mentor: Ishtar Barranco | KMP Pilot 2018
Occupation: Geologist | Employer: Cheron | Origin: Mexico

It gave me the opportunity to help other migrants in their journey to settle in Australia and find a job where they can apply all their skills. It also gave me tools to communicate more effectively with people at my workplace about the challenges that newcomers face while migrating to Australia.


Mentor: James Chong | KMP cycle 1 2019
Occupation: GP (retired)

I found the mentoring experience extremely satisfying. I learnt a lot about the Kaleidoscope Program and the remarkable and wonderful staff that run it. I relished the opportunity to connect with my mentee and learn about her life story. I loved the challenge of preparing her to be job-ready and getting her employed in her vocation. The program presented me with another opportunity to repay society for all the good I have received as a migrant myself.


Mentee: Keabetswe Ramalepa | KMP cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Medical Science | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Botswana

KMP is an amazing program. I had been applying for jobs and doing interviews but unbeknown to me, I was miles away from employer expectation from a winning CV and cover letter and selection criteria (mostly in Government). No sooner had I started implementing the golden nuggets so acquired, then I immediately landed myself an interview, made the selection list, and the rest is history. Mentorship was amazing and I was close to tears to see the commitment of my mentor JJ. I will recommend this [program] to any migrant professional seeking work.


Mentee: Kezang Dema | KMP Pilot 2018
Masters Degree | Industry: Information Technology | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Bhutan

KMP helped me to build my network and confidence to great level. It’s really true that one’s net worth is their network. I met people from different fields… it helped me to broaden my horizon of what I know. I learned to be more confident and assertive. My mentor has many positive vibes and is encouraging. I am able relate to her and she shared the same journey as a migrant and she is helping new migrants.


Mentee: Krishna Karangiya | KMP Cycle 1 2019
PhD | Industry: Education | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: India

Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program has improved my skills in various ways. It provided me with critical insights to understand the job market and how things work in Australia. I would recommend this [program] to any skilled migrant who is struggling to find his/her niche in Australia. It is your chance to network and learn from some of best mentors in Perth.


Mentor: Lauren Resnick | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Occupation: Festivals & Event Producer | Employer: City of Stirling | Origin: Australia

The experience has been a very rewarding one. Unexpectedly, it has even helped me transition back to the workplace after my maternity leave. The mentoring relationship rebuilt my confidence in my professional abilities, strengthened my communication skills and was mostly flexible around my work and family commitments. My mentee and I were very well matched by the program and I am so inspired by the energy and commitment she is putting into the pursuit of her career goals. I have no doubt she will succeed.


Mentee: Linda D’Ambrosio | Rangoli Cycle 1 2020
Diploma | Industry: Aged Care | Experience: 11-20 yrs | Origin: Italy

[Through the Rangoli program] I have had the opportunity to meet many professionals and extend my network. I gained on self esteem and confidence in order to look for a job position in my field.


Mentee: Marcos Silvero | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Urban Design/Architect | Experience:  6-10 yrs | Origin: Brazil

KMP was a great opportunity to learn about the Australian cultural nuances and what we can add with our own cross-cultural experience. My mentor was supportive and made me believe I could achieve my career goals.


Mentor: Mark Da Silva | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Strategic Marketing | Employer: Concept Marketing | Origin: Australia

It was an enjoyable experience and I am pleased Tiffani gained employment. The courage shown by the new Australians provides motivation to myself to push my own personal and professional boundaries. Well done to all involved.


Mentor: Michele Fletcher | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Coordinator Community Development | Employer: City of Bayswater | Origin: New Zealand

Mentoring to help build capacity and the foster inclusion of newcomers to secure employment always results in a rewarding outcome. The two-way sharing of information, thoughts and options to explore during the mentoring program helps build trust, confidence and cultural appreciation.Read more about Michele’s mentoring experiences at KMP Success Stories part 7


Mentee: Monica Vera | KMP Pilot 2018
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Mining | Experience: 6-10 yrs | Origin: Chile

I received a lot of orientation about work place and what are my responsibilities and my rights. My mentor supported me a lot in terms of my understanding of the Australian work culture and what are my values, strong competences and possibilities as a professional here in Perth.


Mentor: Natalie Dimmock | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Lawyer | Employer: West Family Lawyers | Origin: New Zealand

I felt that I learned so much from my mentee. She was just so inspiring and dedicated. I really had very little idea before about the barriers to employment faced by migrants.


Mentee: Neha Singhal | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Marketing | Experience: 6-10 yrs | Origin: India

There was so much that I learnt from this workshop (KMP), such as emotional support, and knowledge that the suggestion was coming from a trusted source. My mentor was there for me in the way it helped me most. She understood how to help me navigate through my problem areas. I have more confidence in myself now.


Mentor: Paul Kellick | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Manager Facilities, Projects & Assets | Employer: City of Stirling | Origin: Australia

I had a great mentor (quite) a few years ago that assisted me in my career development and I’ve been a mentor in quite a few programs since. I’m particularly passionate about cultural diversity which is what made the KMP program so attractive. Diversity is good for business as it introduces multiple perspectives. Read more about Paul’s mentoring experiences at KMP Success Stories part 3.


Mentee: Pauline Thermarajai | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Doctor | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Malaysia

It has been a journey that gave me the tools to be more open to networking, self realisation and acceptance of my current situation. I also learnt that I need to be clear on what I am looking for in the job industry in my current field, as well as to be open to other job scopes. It gave me an insight to the job search process as well as a platform to meet other professionals who are and have gone through the job seeking process. I’m happy to have been a part of the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program.

Mentor: Peiye Truong | KMP cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Regional Manager, Small Business Banking WA, SA & NT | Employer: Commonwealth Bank of Australia | Origin: Australia

The intrinsic motivation and joy a mentee receives from this program is something you can’t put a price on. The resulting joy as a mentor is extremely motivating as an individual. As industry professionals, [mentoring] is one way for us to play a crucial role in our local communities.Read more about Peiye’s mentoring experiences at KMP Success Stories part 1


Mentee: Prad Krishnamurthy | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Human Resources | Experience: 11-20  yrs | Origin: India

As a new migrant, the lack of Australian experience has been the greatest challenge in securing a position in Australia and WA. [Joining KMP] has enlarged my professional network and has introduced me to a great mentor who has since become a friend and well-wisher.Read more about Prad’s mentee experiences at KMP Success Stories part 4


Mentor: Rob Delane | KMP Cycle 1 2020
Occupation: Inspector General of Biosecurity | Employer: Australian Government | Origin: Australia

Kaleidoscope positively changes the lives of participants, transforming the lives of many newcomer mentees, so they can better and faster contribute to the wellbeing of their families and communities.Read more about Rob’s mentoring experiences at KMP Success Stories part 5

Mentor: Robert Wylie | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Engineer | Employer: WorleyParsons | Origin: Australia

The program has offered me my 1st opportunity to be a mentor. It has also given me a great experience to think about the world through different eyes. I have been with the same employee for 14 years. The KMP program made me take some self reflection on things that I haven’t focused on much in my own career, especially in the networking space.


Mentor: Roma Wood | Rangoli Cycle 1 2020
Occupation: WA Manager Mobile Banking | Employer: Commonwealth Bank of Australia | Origin: UK

It has been the start of an incredible journey. I have learnt so much about different cultures and been able to support my mentee in finding her voice and articulating her story to support her development and future career opportunities. I have a new professional colleague and friend in my network and I look forward to celebrating her continued success.

Mentor: Sasha Grimm | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Occupation: Migration Agent | Employer: Deloitte | Origin: Australia

Great to be able to share experiences and knowledge with the mentee to see them progress and get closer to their goals. [I gained a] better understanding of the challenges and frustrations of wanting to be productive and not having the chance to do so in a work setting.

Mentor: Shabnam Ghadiri | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Occupation: Management Consultant | Employer:  Deloitte| Origin: Iran

It was my absolute pleasure to participate in such an amazing program. It was so rewarding for me personally to be able to help a newcomer and share my experience (which was very similar). This program has also helped me develop and accelerate my Leadership skills and capabilities, well above the level it was prior to this program.


Mentee: Thomas Asmerom | KMP Cycle 2 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Web Development | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Eritrea

This was a kick starter for me in terms of opening my eyes to keep up my game in securing a job in my profession. I took all the lessons learned to heart and KMP helped me to step up in networking, reshaping my resume and confidence in job interviews.


Mentee: Thuy Phan | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Bachelor Degree | Industry: Sales | Experience: 6-10 yrs | Origin: Vietnam

After KMP, I feel very clear about my future: which way to go, the process and how I can go forward step by step. The mentor was very enthusiastic, practical and quick respond to all of my problems/questions. The organisation of the program was very professional.


Mentee: Tiffany Makharti | KMP Cycle 1 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Marketing/Communication | Experience: 3-5 yrs | Origin: Indonesia

As a newcomer coming to Australia, this program helped me to build an understanding of Australian workplace culture, recruitment practices and professional networks within my profession and the industry I was interested in. As a bonus, I got a chance to meet and build friendships with people around the world I met through the program.Read more about Tiffany’s mentee experiences at KMP Success Stories part 6


Mentee: Tung Nguyen | KMP cycle 2 2019
Masters Degree | Industry: Finance | Experience: 6-10 yrs | Origin: Vietnam

KMP has given me the great motivation to be resilient and confident to be closer to secure a position in my profession. KMP has given me chances to expand my network and meet experts in my profession, from which I can have more opportunities to get closer to being employed.


Mentor: Uvana Sewpersadh | KMP cycle 2 2019
Occupation: Occupational Therapist | Employer: Konekt| Origin: South Africa

Personally, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own journey as an immigrant and be grateful for the opportunities that I have been exposed to. In addition, it broadened my knowledge of mentorship and gave me a clearer focus on the meaning of leadership.

KMP Delivery Partners

The Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program is being implemented under a partnership between the City of Stirling, the City of Canning and Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the Western Australian Government through the Office of Multicultural Interests. The Program has been created in consultation with the Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). Their successful TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program is the model for mentoring programs across Canada and internationally.