KMP 2020 Cycle 2

Learn more about the upcoming cycle of Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program

Timeline for Cycle 2 2020

The timeline for the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program’s 2020 Cycle 2 (KMP 2020C1) is as follows:

01 May 2020 Open 2020 Cycle 2 mentee application
31 May 2020 Close 2020 Cycle 2 mentee/mentor application
12 June 2020 Mentees and Mentors notified by KMP successful match
15 June 2020 Mentees and Mentors confirm their mentoring match
25 June 2020 Mentee Job-readiness Workshop sessions start
02 July 2020 KMP 2020C2 starts with an Orientation Session
11 or 13 August Cultural Competency sessions
15 October 2020 KMP 2020C2 concludes at a Graduation Session

For more details, please view the KMP 2020C2 calendar of all the mentoring activities. (As of 2/4/20 this calendar is under review as we move from face to face trainings to online in light of COVID-19. Hence some dates  may be subject to change).

Support for potential mentees

To support the newcomer professionals become job-ready and fulfill KMP mentee eligibility criteria, Kaleidoscope has organised job-readiness workshops before the KMP 2020 Cycle 2 mentee applications open. For those mentees who were unable to attend the sessions in May, you will be required to attend them in June prior to starting this program.

I have lodged my mentee application

If yo have submitted your application online and meet the eligibility criteria for the program to join as a mentee, and we have a mentor to match with you we will be in contact soon.  (Please note: The mentor’s role is NOT to find you a job the mentee.)

Below is the flow chart indicating the process of application.

Become a KMP Mentor

We are continuously recruiting mentors whom we will match with mentees in our upcoming mentee intake.

Apply now to become a mentor

After submitting your application, please book an appointment with our Mentoring Coach (using the link) below to help us understand your mentoring goals.  This will help us make the best mentee match for you.

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Our Supporters

We acknowledge and thank Engineers Australia and Petroleum Club of WA Inc. is supporting all the sessions under this mentoring cycle by providing their venues, in-kind support and encouraging their members to join as mentors for this cycle.

KMP Delivery Partners

The Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program is being implemented under a partnership between the City of Stirling, the City of Canning and Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the Western Australian Government. The Program has been created in consultation with the Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). Their successful TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program is the model for mentoring programs across Canada and internationally.