Kaleidoscope’s programs boost confidence and resilience

Kaleidoscope’s programs boost confidence and resilience

Vani, a migrant from India with a background in architecture and urban design, shares her story with us, acknowledging the important role KI’s programs played in boosting her confidence and resilience when faced with challenging circumstances.

After spending six months apart from her husband due to the Covid pandemic, Vani finally managed to reunite with her husband in Australia. An undergraduate degree in architecture and a master’s degree in urban design, combined with five years of professional experience made Vani feel confident that she could crack the Australian job market. However, after countless job applications and one unsuccessful phone interview, Vani’s optimism began to fade.

Despite the sense of fatigue, she felt after a long stint of unsuccessful applications, she continued to show initiative, volunteering at her local neighborhood community group as a placemaking officer. This enabled her to network with like-minded individuals and learn how she could improve her local employability. From those discussions, Vani was directed to the Kaleidoscope Mentorship Program – a program that seeks to connect professional newcomers with mentors within their field. Vani registered and attended the program’s three-day job readiness workshop. There, she learned how to adapt her resume to the format preferred by Australian employers and to tailor it to the selection criteria advertised in the positions. This workshop was incredibly empowering for her as she felt a sense of comradery among other migrants experiencing similar struggles in their professional endeavors.

She also attended a mock interview session, co-hosted by Kaleidoscope and Deloitte Australia. This exercise gave her some exposure on what to expect during a job interview in Australia, teaching her how to best promote her experiences, skills and character.  

Through Kaleidoscope Initiative’s programs, Vani had access to the resources and training that gave her a better understanding of how to stand out in the job market. Subsequently, not long after attending these workshops, Vani managed to secure a job interview and was successfully selected as a Placemaking Officer at a local council. Vani, now happily employed, reflects on her experience at Kaleidoscope and acknowledges the important role the programs played in boosting her confidence and resilience when faced with challenging circumstances.

The KALEIDOSCOPE Initiative is all about harnessing the economic benefits of migration by supporting newcomers to obtain employment in their field of expertise and building the capacity of employers to secure the rewards of a diverse workforce.

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