Kaleidoscope’s Cultural Diversity Training a success

Kaleidoscope’s Cultural Diversity Training a success

Kaleidoscope Initiative (KI) hosted their first Cultural Diversity Training workshop in May. Attendees came from organisations ranging across the greater City of Perth region and including not for profits, schools and universities, and migrant-oriented services. The people attending had diverse cultural backgrounds, which made for an engaging training session.

KI’s Cultural Diversity Training focuses on getting people thinking about cultural diversity in the workplace and how important it is to be aware of culture. Whether you’re a manager, team leader or team member, it’s important to understand how culture impacts on the values, attitudes, communication and behaviour of people that you interact with in the course of your work, and how that may impact on the workplace culture and your team.

Through attending last week’s workshop, the participants increased their knowledge of migration trends in the City of Stirling (and Perth) and identified community needs and trends. They also identified the benefits that result from intercultural engagement in the workplace.

Overall, the workshop participants developed greater awareness, knowledge and skills required to engage effectively with newcomers to perform effectively with multicultural clients and customers and work-teams.

Feedback from the attendees was very positive and Kaleidoscope plans to host more Cultural Diversity Training workshops throughout the second half of 2018. If you are interested in attending a workshop, check their upcoming Events or contact the Kaleidoscope team via the website.

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