Kaleidoscope shows adaptability and innovation amidst coronavirus outbreak

Kaleidoscope shows adaptability and innovation amidst coronavirus outbreak

The global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting many businesses in Australia. In light of the new laws in Western Australia regarding social isolation and cancelling all group activities, Kaleidoscope has taken an innovative approach to ensure services continue as normal.

At the start of Harmony week (last week), Kaleidoscope adopted a responsive and socially responsible stance by cancelling face-to-face Cultural Competency sessions scheduled for KMP mentees and mentors. Group activities for small groups of 30 people were still permitted, but Kaleidoscope decided to adopt a risk management strategy to prepare for a potential Coronavirus crisis. The aim: to transform Kaleidoscope into a flexible service delivery in an unstable social environment.

The team responded quickly. On Tuesday, they researched suitable online delivery platforms such as Zoom and liaised with external stakeholders who were involved in the workshop. Kaleidoscope staff transformed presentation materials to suit online delivery and trialled delivery to nut out any challenges. They established the best way to host the workshop, include a breakout room and accommodate users who were new to Zoom. Mentees and mentors were contacted and advised that the workshops would go ahead in a digital format.

A mere two days later, Kaleidoscope presented the Cultural Competency workshop as a webinar. Thirty-two people attended the webinar, which was close to a 50 per cent increase from the original 22 people registered to attend session. Feedback from the attendees was very positive.

“From my point of view, everything was very well planned. Not only coordinating most than 20 people in a new technological experience, but also covering with the most important of the topic.”

“I think it is a good start for becoming familiar with this kind of technologies and also to learning to be more flexible about ways to do things nowadays.”

“I liked the flexibility and I thought it worked well.”

“Keep up the good work. You guys are impacting lives positively for the new comers who need it the most…”

Through taking an innovative and creative approach, Kaleidoscope was able to overcome the challenges presented by the Coronavirus crisis and maintain service delivery to their mentees and mentors. By acting fast and being adaptable, the KMP program and Rangoli programs were able to continue to meet their commitments to the people enrolled in their programs. Key take away elements of the success of the webinar are the importance of communication, being flexible and adaptable, and thinking creatively to overcome obstacles.

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