Job readiness workshop helps Susan return to her passion

Job readiness workshop helps Susan return to her passion

The Kaleidoscope Migrant Women’s Job Readiness Workshop is a free workshop series designed to boost the employability skills of migrant women across WA.

Susan Nkechi Anopueme is a successful graduate of the program and has recently secured a role in education – the field she loves.

In 2009, Susan left her home country of Nigeria and a career as a school teacher to start a new life in Western Australia.

When she began searching for a job she encountered a lot of inaccurate information about working in Australia.

She was led to believe that as a migrant it would be very difficult to find a job, especially as she had completed her training overseas.

“I was told that my degree would not matter. I was so concerned that in 2011 I retrained in community development, a field that I found interesting but challenging and very different from school teaching,” she said.

“I even thought I may have to change my name, as I was told it would deter employers.”

Frustrated and confused, Susan began searching for a more reliable source of career information and training, which she found in Kaleidoscope’s Migrant Women’s Job Readiness Workshop.

“The Job Readiness Workshop opened my eyes to the truth and gave me a lot of practical information, like how to format and write a resume.”

Before completing the workshop, numerous unsuccessful job applications and interviews had left Susan doubting her abilities.

“The program gave me confidence in my knowledge and skills. It helped me prepare for job interviews and not give up before I even gave myself a chance.”

Today living in Aveley, Susan is working as a Technical Assistant in Home Economics at a local secondary school – the field she originally trained in and describes as her passion. “I thought I would have to leave the work I love behind, but thanks to the program I’ve found a job that I really enjoy.” Far beyond her days of failed interviews, Susan is now thinking how she can move forward and progress her career aspirations.

“I’m considering my options, perhaps completing a masters in education or even progressing my community development knowledge.”

When asked if she would recommend the Job Readiness Workshop to other migrant women, Susan replied “100 per cent. I’d take the workshop again to refresh my skills if I could!”

“There are a lot of challenges that come with being a migrant skilled worker, but do not give up because we have so much to offer.”

To register for a Migrant Women’s Job Readiness workshop please select from the following:

Bentley – 9 to 13 May

Midland – 27 June to 1 July

Kaleidoscope Migrant Women’s Job Readiness workshops are funded by Lotterywest, delivered by the Kaleidoscope Initiative and hosted in the City of Canning, City of Stirling and the City of Swan

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