Harnessing the Power of Intercultural Inclusive Teams 

Kaleidoscope Initiative is an award-winning team that has been working with organisations and newcomers since 2017 to harness the economic benefits of migration by supporting newcomers to obtain employment in their field of expertise and building the capacity of employers to harness the rewards of a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Our mission is twofold, to: 

 “Well structured, flowed well, good mix of activities and very relevant. As a trainer I am always critical of training courses but I loved this one and we all felt so happy to participate.” 

C Caughey


We have delivered face-to-face training to hundreds of participants from the corporate, public and not-for-profit sector. We know diversity and inclusion training is a critical part of building an organisation’s culture to harness the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.  

Our training programs are designed to delve deeper than introduction cultural awareness training enabling the organisation to actually harness the diversity within its team to benefit the individual participant and the organisation.

Normally this is a two-half day program. However, the product training can be tailored to your organisational availability and requirements.


Participants will leave the training with the framework, knowledge, skills and confidence on how to gain maximum benefit for themselves, their work teams and the organisation from your culturally diverse work teams. 

Benefits to individual 

“Regardless of culture, keeping these things in mind in the workplace, in my experience, can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction in the workplace.”

C Caughey

Benefits to organisations  

“Understanding that everyone sees the same things differently because of past experience.”

L Dimmer

Further Information

If you would like to know more about our training and how it can benefit your organisation, please contact Matt Gray, Business Development Officer – Kaleidoscope Initiative.

T: 08 9205 7765 | E: matthew.gray@stirling.wa.gov.au