City of Stirling builds inclusion through Diversity Champion Network

City of Stirling builds inclusion through Diversity Champion Network

The City of Stirling’s recently launched its first Multicultural Framework, a high level guiding document that underpins the City’s approach to achieving its vision for an inclusive and harmonious community.

The City of Stirling’s Community Services Manager Chris Brereton has been driving the implementation of this initiative, Chris said;

With more than one in three residents born overseas and one in four speaking a language other than English at home, our employees are on the frontline of local service delivery, interacting with our multicultural residents across a wide range of services.

 To help the City of Stirling deliver on the outcomes outlined in the Framework, the City is establishing a Diversity Champion network which will provide staff from across the organisation with the opportunity to get involved in the implementation of strategies that focus on building cultural competency, accessibility, responsiveness and commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

We want to build a community of change-makers who will inspire and support others to be involved in the implementation of the Multicultural Framework. Diversity champion initiatives have been used successfully in sectors such as banking and universities, to help organisations employ inclusive practice and to harness and leverage the talents and ideas of a diverse workforce. The City’s volunteer diversity champions will inspire and support their colleagues to be involved in the implementation of the Multicultural Framework by hosting awareness-raising activities, facilitating learning experiences and assisting with troubleshooting issues.

The call for nominations opens this December with Diversity Champions set to commence their roles in the new year. Once embedded in each business unit Diversity Champions will help to:

  • Coordinate formal and informal opportunities for staff to build cultural awareness and celebrate diversity
  • Provide support to colleagues to troubleshoot challenges that may arise in working in cross cultural contexts
  • Deliver short, interactive cross-cultural learning experiences to teams
  • Develop and maintain an online cultural diversity knowledge portal
  • Identify which staff need to know how to use interpreter services
  • Encourage and support staff to use interpreter services
  • Find ways to obtain feedback from multicultural communities to enhance the way we deliver our services.

Akanksha Maheshwari works in the City of Stirling’s Corporate Information Services area and participated in co-design sessions which helped to develop both the Multicultural Framework and the Diversity Champion role.  She said;

Akanksha Maheshwari I am grateful to work for an organisation that values cultural diversity.

My interest stems from my experience of being a migrant and my appreciation of the benefits that diversity brings.

It is exciting to see the City creating a role for staff from across the organisation to play a part in helping our community reap the rewards of cultural diversity.

Read more about the City of Stirling’s Multicultural Framework .

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