Celebrating KMP mentee and mentor successes – Part 3

Celebrating KMP mentee and mentor successes – Part 3

Mentor Paul Kellick from City of Stirling

Kaleidoscope Initiative asked past mentees and mentors from the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program to share their experiences, benefits and successes from the participating in the program. Participants also provided a selfie photograph of themselves so you can see the many different faces of KMP mentees and mentors.

We asked Paul Kellick about his mentoring experience and this was his response:

Tell us a little about your own employment/professional history.

I used to be a surveyor (but I’m OK now!). I spent a few years working overseas in the UK, Libya, Burma, Pakistan, Nigeria and Oman and travelling lots. When I came back, I eventually ended up working in local government in the project management/asset management/facility management space. I’m currently with the City of Stirling working on some great major projects.

Why did you sign up to be a mentor?

I had a great mentor quite a few years ago that assisted me in my career development and I’ve been a mentor in quite a few programs since. I’m particularly passionate about cultural diversity which is what made the KMP program so attractive. Diversity is good for business as it introduces multiple perspectives.

What was the best part of being a mentor?

The best part was the networking and supporting events. I love meeting new people!

What is the greatest value you gained from participating in the program?

Connecting with the diverse side of this great country of ours! Almost 50% of our population were born overseas or had a parent who was and that includes the other 3 members of my own family! I’m an eighth generation Australian and a First Fleeter but my wife is from Chile originally.

Was it challenging to be a mentor?

Not really, only the time component.

Do you feel your cultural competency improved through participation in this program?

Yes, I thought I was pretty good prior to being involved as I’ve visited 70 countries in my travels but I learnt so much, particularly in the networking events.

Would you feel more likely to employ a skilled migrant or skilled refugeesince undertaking the KMP?


Do you think other professionals should start mentoring? Why?

Yes. It develops you as a leader and improves your cultural competency.

What are your Top 5 Tips that you would give to a new KMP mentor?

Do it!

Make the time

Let the mentor take the lead

Be a ‘learner’ not a ‘knower’


Kaleidoscope is inviting applications for mentees and mentors in May 2020 for the next mentoring cycle running from July to October 2020. Find out more about the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program and how you too can join as a Mentee or a Mentor.

The City of Stirling’s Kaleidoscope Initiative aims to harness the economic benefits of its diverse population by helping newcomers to Australia secure employment in their field of expertise and support employers to benefit from this diverse workforce. The Kaleidoscope Initiative has been funded by the Government of Western Australia, the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the Office of Multicultural Interests. This project has been developed in partnership with Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

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