atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

A skilled refugee on the atWork Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees

Magd Nana, a civil engineer and refugee from Syria, was one of the first people to register for the Career Pathways Pilot for Refugees (CPP) with atWork Australia in Perth.

Since his arrival in Australia around 18 months ago, Magd faced many challenges in finding employment in his area of expertise. The main obstacle was his lack of Australian work experience.

During this time Magd studied for a Diploma in Project Management, contacted numerous companies regarding work and work experience, and applied for many jobs.

Since registering with the CPP, Magd was offered a work experience placement with a large engineering firm – his first opportunity to apply his skills and knowledge in Australia.¬†Feedback about Magd’s work performance was very positive, and as a result, Magd was offered a full-time, casual position as a civil engineer.

Magd says that he is really enjoying the work and feels like he is living his dream in Australia!

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